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The new trading post in World of Warcraft is reminiscent of a backwards version of a battle pass.

2022-12-13  Sophia Zackary

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World of Warcraft is currently in the process of implementing a "Trading Post" that will contain a variety of in-game cosmetics. Judging from the description, the "Trading Post" sounds like a good alternative to the typical battle pass paradigm seen in so many other (and younger) games today.

This is due in part to the fact that there is no requirement to spend actual money to accelerate through the past, as well as no ability to spend any money at all. As an alternative to receiving a predetermined gift at an arbitrary XP level, players have the option of selecting a reward from among the goods that are currently available. In addition to offering cosmetics that are generally only accessible through the in-game store for real money, the Trading Post will also restock goods that were available during previous promotions. Every month, you will have access to a variety of transmogrification options for your gear, in addition to pets and mounts.

This results in the addition of a new currency to the game (sigh), but it can only be used at the Trading Post and, once more, it cannot be purchased. In addition, at the start of every month, 500 of this Trader's Tender will be rewarded to every player who has active game time on their account. They have the opportunity to acquire additional tender by participating in a monthly set of activities with a specific theme, such as "Resurrect Players" or "Imbibe Zanzil's Slow Poison." They will also be able to acquire it through normal gameplay, such as through completing missions or advancing through dungeons.

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"just outside of the Mage District in Stormwind," and "near to Grommash Hold in Orgrimmar" are where Blizzard describes where the Trading Posts will be located in Stormwind and Orgrimmar, respectively, when they open "soon." (You will not be able to access the postings in World of Warcraft Classic or either of the classic expansions.) Next to each post is a chest known as the "Collector's Cache," which contains the free and earned Tender that players have accumulated. You can collect your money by opening it, and judging from the screenshots, 500 Trader's Tender is enough for a few inexpensive products.

According to a statement made by Blizzard, "We'll be iterating on this new functionality as we test on the [public test realm]." The final sums listed on the Trader's Tender may be revised.

Items that are currently for sale in the Trading Post will eventually become unavailable and be replaced by new ones; however, players have the option to select one item to keep for safekeeping until they earn a Tender in order to claim it. According to a statement made by Blizzard, "This is only the beginning of what we hope will be a gratifying new system for players to further personalise both their character and their experiences while playing World of Warcraft."

2022-12-13  Sophia Zackary