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The game Babylon's Fall will end in February 2023.

2022-09-13  Tatiana Travis

Several months ago,  Square Enix denied   that ongoing service and development on Babylon's Fall had been reduced and said it would continue receiving updates. At the same time, developer Platinum Games worked on new content.  

The publisher now says that Season 2 of the game's planned content will run until Tuesday, 29 November 2022, and the "Final Season" will begin afterward. In-game events will continue until the servers are shut down, and Square Enix says it plans to "to implement as many events and other initiatives" as possible.  

Babylon's Fall launched this year on PS4, PS5, and PC and was met with primarily negative reviews. On GameSpot's sister site  Metacritic , the game has an aggregate score of 41 from 43 critics, and criticism was pointed at the dated visuals, technical problems, and barebones content.  

2022-09-13  Tatiana Travis