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The Best Part Of She-Hulk Is The Musical Montages.

2022-10-05  Rose Hebrew

She-Hulk is a disjointed program. 
Despite aiming for a sitcom tone, it is rarely really humorous, frequently cringe-worthy, and has the additional burden of having to depict its heroine in enormous green form. 
It has to reveal its main character just as it might be getting going, and whenever she appears on screen, you can expect some of the worst CGI I've seen in a long time.

Even then, there is one area where She-Hulk always succeeds, and the most recent episode provided us with a few compelling instances. 
She-Hulk has a reputation for producing entertaining musical montages. In "The Retreat," Jen was alone in Emil Blonsky's house after Josh, the man she met at Lulu's wedding, abandoned her on vacation, featured two particularly nice ones.


Later in the episode, while Jen, now stranded at Blonsky's wellness retreat, looked around for a signal, Tierra Whack's catchy song "Peppers and Onions" played. 
A "No Service..." image followed her as she moved while holding her phone in front of her face. 
The song's lyrics, "I'm only human, sure / I'm not flawless, just a person," support Jen's feelings throughout She-Hulk as a whole as well as during this particular point of rejection. 
Despite her superhero status, she still struggles to find what she believes will genuinely make her happy, such as a fulfilling relationship or career success on her terms.

The delightful montage at Lulu's wedding in last week's show also featured Jen getting increasingly inebriated as she danced to Annie Lennox's "Walking On Broken Glass." 
The melody and Tatiana Maslany's energetic performance were enough to save that sequence despite the flat, grey color grading that marries most of Disney's work.

The scripting is still a problem for She-Hulk, and Disney's insistence on releasing more than six films annually causes considerable stress on its VFX department. 
These montages have consistently been highlighted because of some excellent musical choices and astute direction. 
When She-Hulk lets the music and visuals speak for themselves, it can be joyful and moving.





2022-10-05  Rose Hebrew