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The multiplayer component of The Last of Us is still on pace to be shown in 2023.

2023-01-05  Sophia Zackary

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On Wednesday, PlayStation developer Naughty Dog gave fans of The Last of Us another glimpse of the company's next multiplayer game and promised to unveil "new details" about the stand-alone project later this year. The tease was for the upcoming multiplayer game that the studio is developing.

In a follow-up to the unveiling of a piece of concept art from the post-apocalyptic franchise's next multiplayer game in June of 2018, Naughty Dog co-president Neil Druckmann unveiled a new piece of artwork from the game. This piece of artwork depicts two people making their way through the ruins of a coastal city toward a big cruise ship that has run aground. The ship is almost certainly a source of salvageable materials as well as a possible threat.

Later on, in 2018, Druckmann pledges to reveal "the future of this series" as well as "some specifics on our ambitious The Last of Us multiplayer game." He also teases fans of The Last of Us with the promise of "some exciting surprises." In addition, he stated that "the project is shaping up to be a fresh, new experience coming from our studio," but that it would still be "based in Naughty Dog's love for providing fantastic stories, characters, and gameplay."

Vinit Agarwal, who worked as a game designer on The Last of Us Part 2, Joe Pettinati, who is the creative director at Naughty Dog, and Anthony Newman, who is the lead designer at Naughty Dog, are in charge of leading the development of The Last of Us: Multiplayer Spinoff.

The initial information on the TLOU multiplayer game was disclosed by Druckmann last summer. He stated that the still-unnamed project will be just as large as the developer's single-player games, and "in some ways greater."

"There's a backstory to it. "The method in which we're going to present the tale is quite distinctive to this game," Druckmann explained. "It has an entirely new group of actors and actresses. The action takes place in a different region of the United States."

As part of celebrations for The Last of Us' imminent ten-year milestone, Druckmann shared the most recent information. You are an old man now because the first version of the game on the PlayStation 3 was launched on June 14, 2013.

The action game started as a standalone product, but over the last ten years, it has evolved into a full-fledged multimedia brand. The most notable illustration of this expansion is provided by Naughty Dog and the live-action adaptation of The Last of Us that was produced by HBO. The first episode of that series, which stars Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey, will air on January 15th. In March, the developer will release a PC edition of The Last of Us Part 1, which will be the second time the company re-releases the original game.


2023-01-05  Sophia Zackary