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The Chroma Conclave dragons from Vox Machina are more powerful than Matt Mercer even anticipated.

2023-01-25  Sophia Zackary

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The second season's opening episode of The Legend of Vox Machina was marked by death and destruction. The second season picks off where the previous one left off, with a horde of fire- and acid-breathing dragons destroying everything in their path as they make their way toward Emon's capital city. The Big Bad Guys that Vox Machina must battle this season and beyond are represented by the Chroma Conclave, a group of dragons dedicated to destroying Exandria and her inhabitants.

Fans of the actual play series Critical Role, upon which the television programme is based, will be familiar with the Chroma Conclave's ascent to power and the threat that they represent to the entire planet. The scene from Emon is directly lifted from the YouTube series. According to Matt Mercer, the Dungeon Master of Critical Role, he wasn't sure if the scene would be as good as what he had imagined in his imagination.

The scenario was "so vivid in my head, and [something] that I already knew was going to be such a challenge to portray the menace and destruction and a sense of dread," according to Mercer. "The scope of that was going to be expensive in addition to being difficult to complete in the time frame required for the first episode. So a major part of me was thinking, "Matt, lower your expectations; set the bar low." It will only be as good as we can make it; I can't expect them all to be flawless. The entire crew not only exceeded my expectations, but they also more than rose to the challenge, and I'm simply so, so thrilled.

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The disastrous scenario takes up about half of the first episode of season 2 and is filled with immense devastation and hopelessness. The dragons still dominate the rest of the season even after that devastating beginning. It was really difficult to animate them to be a specific kind of evil and menacing.

According to Travis Willingham, who provides the voice of the goliath barbarian Grog, "It's one thing to build a dragon that's a force of nature and has amazing destructive capacity." However, the Chroma Conclave has witty dialogue. They are intelligent, have distinct personalities, and adopt various postures, all of which need to be communicated.

This was accomplished with Brimscythe, the fearsome dragon in the first two episodes of the first season, by the animation studios behind The Legend of Vox Machina, Titmouse and Production Reve. However, they had to design not just one, but four more expressive, emotional, and terrifying dragons for the second round.

When we told our animation studio that there would be four more at once, they kind of looked at us like we were crazy people, Willingham chuckles. It truly, really paid off,' in my opinion. Every single one of those dragons seems to present a different challenge and role in the show.

To have a chance at overthrowing the Chroma Conclave, Vox Machina will need to look for strong friends and weaponry over the remainder of the season. The overall plot of The Legend of Vox Machina will resemble the web series it is based on, but there are some surprises in store. One benefit of it being an animated series rather than a dramatic series is that the show can diverge from the main ensemble for a few moments. In this instance, it implies that we will get to view some of the Chroma Conclave's activities.

The half-elf druid Keyleth, whose voice is provided by Marisha Ray, notes that "you get little glances and looks into some of the cooperation with the Chroma Conclave that we never really got to see in-campaign." And that's fantastic.

On Fridays, new episodes of The Legend of Vox Machina are released. The first three can be watched online on Prime Video.


2023-01-25  Sophia Zackary