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As anybody who played Pong in a dimly lit pub in the 1970s will attest, video games had humble beginnings. From those beginnings, gaming has evolved to become arguably the most popular medium for creative and cultural expression in the twenty-first century. In this industry, technology and creativity coexist together, art and commercial needs compete, and both large-scale, cutting-edge games and autonomous, small-scale artistic endeavors may coexist side by side. Unfortunately, despite these adjustments, game writing doesn't seem to have advanced.

In response, we are here.

At GamesIB, we think that writing about gaming should reflect its inventiveness and vibrancy. We don't just share the same news stories as everyone else. We work hard to deliver in-depth material that is unique. We don't just tell you what we believe; instead, our in-depth, expert-driven material sparks debate.

Reviews. We do more than simply tell you whether a game is great. We want you to comprehend both the gameplay experience and the game's backstory. We strive to provide game reviews that are as intelligent and in-depth as the greatest cinema critique.
original thinking the people who will be most impacted by an industry that evolves as rapidly and dramatically as gaming need to be aware of it. We help you grasp the field's current state and future direction. We keep you informed on the most important things, from technology developments to commercial upheavals.

Knowledgeable Analysis Our authors are programmers, gamers, and business insiders. Every article we produce stems from the critical nexus of expertise and fandom, offering you a deeper understanding than you'll get from any other source.
thoughtful conversations Our ideas are only the beginning; they are not the last word. We wish to foster lively, enjoyable, and devoid of troll conversations regarding games and gaming.

We're enthusiastic professionals. We want to share our love of gaming with you and aim to establish a forum where you can voice your opinions. We like the past of games and are eager to follow their future development. We can't wait to share our own brand of well-informed wisdom with them.