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I wish I had known these 27 things before playing Disney Dreamlight Valley.

2022-09-09  Tatiana Travis

Dreamlight Valley

A brand-new cozy life simulation game, Disney Dreamlight Valley is now available on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and PC. It combines the relaxed village atmosphere of Animal Crossing with the farming and mining of Stardew Valley, all while adding a generous helping of Disney magic in the form of recognizable characters and locations from hit movies like Wall-E and Moana. The ultimate result is an amazing game that goes far beyond being an Animal Crossing imitation.

However, the increased complexity also increases the possibility of gamers experiencing headaches or displeasure. For instance, once you choose a name, you cannot change it. There are still some little details to be aware of or mechanics that the game doesn't completely explain. Therefore, we have compiled a list of advice to assist you in preserving Dreamlight Valley!

There are no microtransactions at this time.

You are unable to use real money to purchase additional moonstones or new clothing in the game right now. But in the future, things will be different. Gameloft has stated that a cosmetic store and the ability to purchase moonstones will both be added in the future.


The developers are explicit that the game will not feature timers, XP boosters, or anything else of the sort; only cosmetic things will be sold. The future sale of paid expansions to add more material to the game has been confirmed by Gameloft, but it is not yet clear what that will include. However, it appears that even when the game gets free-to-play in the future, it won't turn into a tedious grindfest a la mobile games.


Never attempt to jump ahead.

Welcome to early access: after completing some tasks before the game intended them to, people have reported broken quests. For instance, a Kotaku reader has encountered difficulty with the Ursula-related main plot mission "With Great Power." The problem is that instead of finishing the task at hand after obtaining a crucial item, something broke because she stopped to go and do something else.
The safest course of action at the beginning is to stick with the opening quests only until the game starts to sync with your time, and to complete key tasks.


Prioritize acquiring the royal tools first.

You'll need to locate some royal tools once the game has started and Merlin has been spoken to. Finding these is crucial since they advance your game and allow you to access new regions of the map.


Here is where you may find the tools if you need assistance finding them:


Near your home, behind some barrels, is where you'll find the watering can.

The shovel is buried in the dirt next to the main plaza and a sizable, historic restaurant.

The pickaxe is caught in a sizable rock in the southeast corner of the plaza.

After using the pickaxe to unlock the area, you can find the fishing rod in the meadows close to a pond. Take it to Goofy once you've located it, and he'll give you the real royal fishing rod.

Observe the passing of time

The game will synchronize to your console or computer's real-time once you reach a specific point in it. This implies that when you play at midnight, the game also starts at midnight. Now, businesses like Scrooge's and Goofy's stall are open twenty-four hours a day. Some figures, like Merlin, also seem to remain up late. But the habits of many characters vary.


For instance, Remy will ultimately retire to bed, and if you attempt to speak with him at this residence, the game will indicate that he is dozing off. Therefore, don't wait too long to engage in everyday interactions or quests with the people.


Those Blue and Red Bags, Open

The blue apparel and red furniture bags you receive can be opened, however the game doesn't really make this evident. You will receive some new information if you do this. When you can, open them to free up inventory space.


View Your Inbox

Especially if you purchased one of the more expensive starter packs that include extra perks and stuff, you probably have gifts waiting for you. Your home's mailbox is immediately outside.


Don't worry about getting rid of all the vines immediately.

I understand if you want to spend the first few hours of the game clearing everything out, but try to concentrate on the early side quests and missions instead because they will help you develop the plot and get new abilities. It's simple to become distracted!


The Collection Tab Is Loaded with Helpful Data.

There is a "Collection" tab visible when you access the pause menu. While you might just skim over it, we encourage you to read every word of this section because it is filled with useful information about each character, recipe, and object in the game. Do you want to know how much money a particular dish or veggie would fetch in the market? It is available here. Which plants have the quickest growth? Yes, such data is also included here. It's worth exploring the Collection portion of the menu, which resembles an in-game wiki in many respects.


Put Off Unlocking Your First Inventory

Once you get rolling, you'll begin routinely exceeding your bag limit. With the ability to carry more expensive items like rare jewels, the initial bag upgrade, which costs 5,000 coins, is quickly paid for. Simply highlight the "+" sign at the bottom of your inventory when looking at your bag to upgrade.


To open your challenges right away, press down on the D-pad.

The hundreds of challenges in Dreamlight Valley can be finished to win more dreamlight, a currency that enables you to open new worlds with fresh Disney characters. By pressing down on the d-pad while using a controller, you may rapidly access all of these challenges and submit the ones you've finished. We advise giving the simpler obstacles, of which there are many, priority, such as pausing to take a photo.


Frequently check the Dreamlight Challenges tab.

You should establish a routine of regularly checking your Dream light challenges now that you are aware of the simple controller shortcut. A reward is almost certainly always waiting for you in the game because almost anything you accomplish will advance at least one or two of these challenges. Also be sure to look at the daily challenges that change each day and are listed in this section of the menu.


Set waypoints and locate characters using the map.

The vicinity of or inside a character's home is a fantastic area to start your search. However, Mickey and other characters occasionally stray, making it tedious to go around looking for them if you need to speak to them in order to finish a task. Use the in-game map instead, which constantly updates to show you where everyone is. You can select any icon and press on it to highlight it. When you exit the menu, a neon breadcrumb will appear, directing you to the desired object. Just a warning: This map can only be used outside.


Don't stress yourself out about energy

An energy metre can make you uneasy because it brings back memories of terrible mobile games from 2012 that had content that had to be unlocked by waiting for the metre to be filled. Regarding this, don't be concerned. By consuming some food or returning to your home, you can quickly replenish your energy. Apples just take up one slot and can be carried around for when you need some extra energy. You might also simply gather fruit from the area as needed.


When fishing, search for white, blue, or gold ripples.

In lakes or the ocean, you should go fishing if you observe ripples. But not every ripple is the same. The most frequent ripples you'll observe are white, and they only contain simple fish. Blue marine creatures are more precious and scarce since they are rarer. The last type of ripple is gold, which is the rarest and gives players a chance to catch the best fish in the game. Just be aware that it will be more difficult to grab whatever is hiding beneath a rarer ripple.



ASAP, begin growing things

You can start planting all those carrot seeds you undoubtedly have by digging out a tiny garden outside your house (or anywhere else, really) with the shovel you receive early on. Try it! A load of food will be helpful later because it will be required for missions or meals. Keep in mind that by continuing to hold down the button, you can also water and plant in large quantities.


Create A Chest! Additional Storage

The issue of storage will arise early on in Dreamlight Valley. Making a chest or two is one method of assisting in the solution of this issue. Any crafting table can be used to create these chests, and the materials are 25 softwood and 25 rock. Additionally, if these chests are located within your home, you can craft and cook using the supplies already there, saving time and inventory space.


First, unlock Remy

You'll have an option between Moana, Wall-E, and Remy after you get at the castle. You can choose the character you like most, but Remy will give you a tonne of new recipes right away that can make you a lot of money and open up a new building on your island. Moreover, his home is lovely.


Every Disney Villager Should Be Spoken To At Least Once A Day.

You can level up your friendships with the many Disney characters who reside in your village in a number of different ways. However, one of the simplest methods doesn't require any of those things, such as presents or missions. Simply set aside some time during your day to speak with them. Each villager gives you a fresh line of speech every day, and finishing it grants you a sizable amount of friendship XP.


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Consider What Villagers Want Before Giving Them Anything

No matter what you throw at your various Disney citizens, they are all kind people who will grin. However, if you want to level up your connections more quickly, consider what gifts they would like before giving them each day. Simply ask to give someone a present when you speak to a character in order to see these products. Three products they want today are shown on the right side of the screen. And some of these, like crackers or wheat, will be simple to locate. Please keep in mind that you can only grant them one of each requested item each day.


Bring your Disney Friends along

Any Disney villager you have attained friendship level 2 with can have a job like mining or fishing assigned to them. If you go fishing or mining while you're hanging out with them, you'll gain more resources. Additionally, as you interact with the villagers, you level them up, and as they do so, they become more adept at giving you freebies.


Upgrade structures

You may update places like Scrooge's shop, Goofy's stall, and Remy's restaurant to have more options and usefulness, but it will cost you a fair lot. We advise starting with the stall before moving on to Remy since doing so enables you to cultivate a greater variety of vegetables that you can subsequently prepare for your new restaurant customers. Additionally, Chez offers items like milk and butter, which are necessary for cooking.


Eat meals and move more quickly.

If you have the inventory space, it's a good idea to carry a meal or two with you even though a few apples or carrots will replenish your energy metre. Meals provide your character a speed boost in addition to moreening the rate at which your metre is filled. This will enable you to move around the Dreamlight Valley more quickly as you explore new regions. However, there is a way to navigate the game even more quickly.


2022-09-09  Tatiana Travis