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For $16, you can purchase every BioShock, every XCOM game, Civ VI, Borderlands 3, and more.

2022-09-09  Tatiana Travis


One of the best deals I've seen this year is in a new 2K-themed Humble Bundle that will benefit homeless children. Over twenty PC games, including some real classics like Civilization VI, XCOM 2, Borderlands 3, and many more, are yours for the low price of only $16. Even stranger, a few of the titles are the deluxe editions with a tonne of DLC. It's so close to being theft, really!

The 2K Megahits bundle, which was made available earlier today, costs $16 and includes 25 PC titles. Of course, just like with previous Humble Bundles, you are free to pay more and donate a portion of your purchase to the selected charity. Additionally, you can purchase less games for less money, but bear in mind that the majority of the popular titles, like Borderlands 3, are only included in the $16 bundle.

Since Steam keys are used to distribute all of the games, you'll also need a PC and a Steam account. (However, you likely already have it covered.) The bundle is currently active and expires in 13 days. A percentage of the money raised will be donated to Covenant House, a charity that aids homeless young people. (Be careful to choose "Adjust Donation" before adding the bundle to your basket if you want to contribute the charity as much as you can.)

The complete list of games you get for $16 is shown here:

  • The Super Deluxe Edition of Borderlands 3
  • The Ultimate Collection of XCOM (XCOM, XCOM 2, Chimera Squad)
  • PGA 2K21
  • Civilization VI by Sid Meier
  • The BioShock Collection (BioShock, BioShock 2, BioShock Infinite)
  • Mafia: The Complete Edition
  • Railroad Tycoon II Platinum Railroad Tycoon 3
  • Railroads by Sid Meier!
  • The Duke Nukem Forever series
  • Battlegrounds for WWE 2K
  • Rome, Civil City
  • The Golf Club 2019 with X-COM: COMPLETE PACK PGA Tour (Apocalypse, Enforcer, Interceptor, Terror from the Deep, UFO Defense)
  • Dangerous & Hidden: Action Pack
  • Hidden & Dangerous 2: Bravery in the Face of Evil

Army personnel RTS
Sincerely, paying that much for all the XCOM games—both old and new—is already worthwhile, and there are also several more excellent titles included. But it's not all great; there are two golf games, a terrible WWE thing, Duke Nukem Forever, and an Army Men spin-off. Even those games, though, might be entertaining to play for a short while while you install the better software.

2022-09-09  Tatiana Travis